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WISANKA will be joining as one of the participants of IFFINA 2015. In the exhibition, WISANKA will promote our new collection of Indoor Teak Furniture, Natural Rattan Furniture, and Lighting Products.
posted 26 February 2015


WISANKA will be joining as one of the participants of IFFINA 2013. In this exhibition, WISANKA will promote our new collection of Indoor Teak Furniture, Natural Rattan Furniture and Lighting products.
posted 11 January 2013

The 27th Trade Expo Indonesia

We please come to our booth in Hall B1 No. 50. The exhibition will be open on October 17 ? 21st, 2012. Available in all range furniture collection both for indoor and outdoor in various materials are available. Hotel furniture collection is also here. Then, hope to see you at the 27th Trade Expo Indonesia 2012
posted 27 September 2012

Meet Us in INDEX Dubai 2012

WISANKA is one of the participants of INDEX Dubai 2012 that will be our first opportunity to participate. We will present our latest lighting collection made from resin or fiberglass with unique and original ornament from Indonesia. Our collection of outdoor lighting will bring modern style made from clear casting resin. It looks transparent like a glass with natural material like green bean, rice, soybeans, jackfruit, bark, seeds of eggplant, eggs, peanut shells, and fish bones as the ornament.
posted 09 August 2012

Rattan Furniture: Clean Up!

Beautiful always identical with clean. This is my personal statement that clean is beautiful but beautiful it does not mean clean. Let?s take one example, if you see one decorative lamps covers by dust and spot everywhere even though actually that lamp is beautiful. Can you see the beautiful side on it...? Correct the answer is NO. Otherwise, if the decorative lamp is ordinary but it?s clean and put into the right place that would be awesome. So, which one do you prefer??
posted 07 August 2012

More and More Re Kubu Ratttan

Along with trend of the color raised the kubu rattan furniture popular. Grey color is neutral color matching combining with others color. Kubu grey dining set or others furniture item place on your home as it is not dominant part of the house it help to reduce the depressing effect raise. On the other side, grey has a dampening effect on other colors used. Place the right kubu grey furniture on your house will create a clam and relax feels.
posted 18 July 2012

What We Need to Know About Cushion

There is no doubt combining chairs or sofa with cushion will add the value of those items. Looking more classy and comfy are what the cushion provide for the user. The characteristic of rattan furniture or others natural fiber which having uneven surface will be equalize with the right blend of cushion. Usually, forms of sofa for living room set furniture consist of seat cushion, back seat and pillow.
posted 18 June 2012

Natural Fiber Corner Sofa: Why Not?

People who are recognize in such of interior design state that a sofa corner can give an illusion that the room is bigger than what it normally is. Giving clean look, as they do not take up a lot of space those only can be achieve with corner sofa. Different with others sofa corner sofa provide a lot of space for people and comfort.
posted 02 June 2012

Require for Comfortable Furniture: Buy Rattan Furniture

Design, material, color and comfortable are points appearing as consideration when buying furniture. Some people make design as the main standard when purchase furniture. Cannot be denied furniture will beautify your home but that?s should be follow others factors. Please note that not every stunning design provides comfort for its users.
posted 26 April 2012

Fine points: Banana Leaf and Abaca

The banana stem need to pass several process before ready to weave. Peel the banana stem into sheet then dry under the sun for 10 days depend on the clime. They recommended to dry under the sun then oven because it will be delicate the fiber which makes easy to break when twisted. The results of the torsion banana fiber then planted or braided into various weaving style not only for handicraft but also indoor furniture like sofa, table, chairs and many more.
posted 26 March 2012
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